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About Us

Many of trading signals providers do not meet the expectations of traders. Currently, a lot of traders, for example, complain of a lack of transparency on the side of signal providers. And rightly so. Why? Because the presence of fraudulent players in the industry is making a compelling call for traders to be cautious in their choice of signal service and the right way to properly deploy them. Of course, many of those traders have been scammed in the past.

That is why we are here! At Technical Trading Signals, we are striving to solve exactly that. In fact, we have risen to the challenge of ultimately reconciling the Forex signal providing service with the interest of Forex traders for the good of both.

About Us

The drive for that stems from our unique understanding that there cannot be business unless there is trust. So, it is our aim to ensure that trust is restored, that every trader can, at last, have a signal service that they can use with a reasonable measure of confidence, and that the service is made as transparent as it has to be.

What other features make us so different? First, we are a team of trading experts. Unlike so many self-branded trading gurus who make money only by talking about trading out there, we talk about and walk in the trading path. As a matter of fact, we have decades of combined experience of trading in multiple financial markets and working within the financial services industry in diverse roles. We have developed our expertise in using technical analysis which we use to identify profitable trading opportunities across the following markets:





As trading experts, we have walked and talked. Many of our team members have featured in numerous authority websites and news platforms. Over the years, our traders have written numerous analytical articles on financial trading, developed highly-effective trading systems, and taught many traders from all over the world. Our diverse experiences have empowered each one of us with unique individual trading strengths which we are currently utilizing to help other traders win.

Also, by naturally being trading enthusiasts ourselves, we have found our mission relatively easy to achieve. After all, for ourselves, we are always growing, gazing on the charts, and deploying systems that can improve our chances of seeing opportunities in the markets. In fact, we are fully committed to analyzing charts, recognizing those profitable opportunities, and sharing them with our subscribers. So, we deploy those analysis and trading skills that we have acquired over so many years to helping other traders succeed!