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Bitcoin Trading Signals

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Bitcoin Trading signals are actually a set of trading instructions that recommend buy or sell orders with accurate entry, stop loss and take profit points. There are many bitcoin trading groups and channels on telegram that offer buy or sell bitcoin trading signals, however many of these signals are automatically generated by software and algorithms. At Technical Trading Signals, we have team of experienced traders who specialize in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading and all of our Bitcoin signals are the result of their research and analysis on BTC chart.

What is Bitcoin (BTC/ XBT) & How does It Work?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which is a form of digital money and usually abbreviated as "BTC”. Bitcoin is not a paper money like euro, dollars or yen that are issued by the central banks or monetary authorities. Hence, transferring of bitcoin is possible between the cryptocurrency wallets of individuals and using it for buying services or goods online.

Each transaction which has been performed with bitcoin gets documented in a huge data ledger known as Blockchain. The entire bitcoin system depends on the Blockchain technology for processing the transactions.

Why Bitcoin is the Most Popular Cryptocurrency?

Finally, it has appeared that cryptocurrencies have come to stay. Every day, more and more traders are joining the bandwagon. This is not a surprise as, indeed, cryptocurrencies, in just a few years, have grown to become one of the most exciting digital assets around. They are highly liquid, owing to their rapid fluctuations in price. They are available 24 hours every day, seven days in a week and so can be traded any time.

Bitcoin is the most prominent of all of them. It is the most liquid cryptocurrency as it is the most widely traded. At its all-time high on December 17, 2017, bitcoin had a market capitalization of a whopping $330 billion! It has also consistently accounted for at least 60% of the total crypto mark! Based on the blockchain, a completely decentralized technology, bitcoin can be easily transferred between individuals via their cryptocurrency wallets, away from the prying eyes of any central authority. Hence, it is considered to be the most popular cryptocurrency throughout the world.

Thus, with Bitcoin Trading, you will be getting the opportunity to participate in a decentralized, transparent system that allows you to enjoy fast trade execution, high liquidity, safety, and adequate control.

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What We Offer at Technical Trading Signals

Bitcoin is delicate. Its volatility is immense and its moves are hard to predict. Little wonder that individuals are encouraged to subscribe to a trusted trading signal service, to help them add orderliness to its trading. At Technical Trading Signals, we have risen to that challenge!

When you subscribe to our live signals, you will be getting:

Entry Point

Our signals have recommended initiation prices which are based on thorough technical analyses of the market. So, before we call any trade, we ensure that the market has been adequately filtered and the identified opportunities have been properly confirmed to ensure that you enter the market at the right time.

Stop Loss

Cryptocurrencies, generally, are not easy to trade. The market is highly volatile and only sparing use of leverage is encouraged. Also, long-term trades are preferred. Against all these is our position-protecting strategy, the stop-loss, which accompanies every of our recommended trades.

Target Profit

Trading cryptocurrencies requires technical knowledge on one part and sheer commonsense on the other. Technical Trading Signals gives you the best of both. We first recognize whether you are a conservative or an aggressive trader, and then base every detail of our signals on that. Regardless of your trading style, we want to maximize your winnings.

What To Do for Bitcoin Trading

What do we expect of you? It is simple: understand our signals before you attempt to use them. You can do it by following these two steps:

Learn How Our Bitcoin Signals Work

How do you use our Bitcoin Trading Signals so that they can be of the most benefit to you? We have noticed that newbie bitcoin traders often have issues at this stage. In light of that, we decided to prepare a step-by-step guide which is delivered to our subscribers in their mails.

Follow Our Bitcoin Signals

Every time, we request of our subscribers to ensure that they diligently follow our signals. With entry point, stop loss, and take profit, our signals are already comprehensive enough and the best thing that our subscribers can do is to stick to them.

Four Reasons to Subscribe for Our Bitcoin Trading Signals


Expert Research

You should subscribe for our bitcoin trading signals because we spare you the need for personal research. Being a team of versed technical analysts, we sift through the charts to find high-precision opportunities that can be cashed in on to reap bountifully from bitcoin. With us, you will spend no time analyzing, less time trading, and more time counting your gains!

Well-Protected Trades

We hate to see our subscribers lose. We believe that most of the losses traders suffer trading bitcoin is out of a lack of knowledge on one part and a lack of discipline on another part. At Technical Trading Signals, we handle both. We direct our subscribers to initiate trades based only on our knowledge-driven analysis and to always protect their trades with our recommended stop-loss.

Improved Earning Potential

The volatility of bitcoin is crazy. The market moves are unpredictable. In short, the bitcoin market can be wild. Interestingly, those features are not bad in themselves. Granted, they can make you lose big. But that is why you have our Bitcoin Trading signals! With us, you will be able to leverage those Bitcoin's wild characteristics to improve your trading experience.

Trading Experience

Subscribing to our Bitcoin Trading Signals is the right way to get hand on trading experience and improve your ability to read financial charts through technical analysis. As you execute more trades and follow our trading signals, you become more confident and experienced in trading and will be able to identify opportunities by looking at the chart.