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EUR/USD is considered to be the magical pair by many Forex traders. The pair is far more than just a pair: it has the largest coverage and is the most frequently traded of all the pairs. The two currencies that make it up, the EUR and the USD, are majors and arguably the most prominent of all currencies in the world. If you want constant market action, the EUR/USD is the pair to trade.

EUR/USD is the most prominent and widely traded currency pair. So, it is highly liquid.

Its high liquidity means that it requires considerably low fees to trade.

Research is not a problem since there is an abundance of market data available on it.

EUR/USD is historically known to be subject to large and sustained market trends.

EUR/USD is the most popular currency pair amongst Forex traders — and rightly so. The component currencies are two of the world's major currencies, a fact that ensures that your trading days will always be full. The pair responds well to technical analysis, so with our technical analysis-based signals, the possibilities will be endless for you.

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What We Offer

Trading EUR/USD does not have to be confusing anymore. In fact, with our EUR/USD Trading Signals, you can start having a better experience trading the pair. Why? Because our signals will give you everything you need to execute your trades, including:

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Entry Point

At Technical Trading Signals, our EUR/USD Trading Signals, based on expert technical analyses, let you know when to enter the market for optimal profitability. With us, you will never be in doubt again about entry points for your EUR/USD positions because the exact entry point will be included with every signal.

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Stop Loss

The first rule of trading: do not lose money. While that is impossible as a trader, you should really get the gist. The gist is that every time you open a position on EUR/USD, protecting your money should always be your first goal; making money off the pair should be your second. That is why we ensure that with our EUR/USD Trading Signals, subscribers’ funds are protected from market risks by a stop-loss which is included in all of our signals. Hence, with our stop-loss point, we help you minimize your risks.

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Take Profit

The EUR/USD pair enjoys tremendously huge daily market activity. While it means that it constantly presents opportunities, the same feature can also make devising a healthy exit strategy almost impossible. In that regard, we have helped many traders and we can help you, too. One of the core elements of our EUR/USD Trading Signals is the Take Profit (TP) which ensure that you always take Your profit at optimal times.

What to do

What to Do

So, to use our EURUSD Trading Signals, what do we expect you to do? We want you to do just two things and they are:

Learn How Our EUR/USD Trading Signals Work

Before you use our EUR/USD Trading Signals, we strongly advise that you understand them first. That is not meant to be hard, but beginner traders may not understand them by looking at them. Regardless of your trading experience, whether you are a newbie or a pro, our step-by-step explanatory guide that we will send to your email will help you understand how to use them

Follow Our EUR/USD Trading Signals

You should use our EUR/USD Trading Signals only exactly as we prescribe. If you do not, their whole aim can be totally defeated. We will help you in that regard, by first ensuring that you get the signals only via your channel of choice — Email, Telegram, or WhatsApp.

Four Reasons to Subscribe for Our EURUSD Trading Signals


Huge Trading Volume

Trading the EUR/USD pair cannot be recommended enough. It has the two most prominent currencies in the world, the EUR and the USD. As a result, it is the most frequently traded currency pair around. We guess this is why you are excited about it — and understandably so. Indeed, the pair will give you the chance to always have market activity to participate in and many trends to ride on. With the EUR/USD, you can never have enough and we are monitoring the chart around the clock to ensure you don’t miss out on trading opportunities.

Adequate Research

At Technical Trading Signals, we always delight in seeing our subscribers win. It is winning trades that give us joy and we know full well that the market will not place any profitable tradable setup in any trader's laps except the market is first adequately researched. By using both basic and advanced technical analysis skills, we identify high-probability EUR/USD opportunities to trade. When our subscribers win, we also win.

Guaranteed Stop

Each of our EUR/USD Trading Signals comes with a guaranteed stop. From our surveys, we have discovered, over and over, that an important reason so many traders fail is because they do not imbibe the habit of using stops. EUR/USD is highly liquid. The volatility can be huge sometimes, especially when there are special economic announcements. Hence, our signals serve a dual purpose: they help you to improve your winning chances and they protect you from losses.

Technical Support

The trading life can be a pretty lonely life. Many times, you will be frustrated. Other times, you will have short-lived periods of excitement. Unfortunately, there is also the tendency to fall for harmful information and guides. All these and more can really make trading a rollercoaster. At Technical Trading Signals, we have risen to the challenge. We provide our subscribers with high-quality signals and we also support them along the way.