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About Forex Signals

Forex signals are actually trading recommendations with a clear buy or sell order which includes precise entry, stop loss and take profit points. They can be used by both experienced and new traders.

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Why Forex?

If you are looking for a highly exciting financial market to trade with 24-hour access, a decentralised exchange ensuring that all transactions are electronically conducted and low entry barrier, Forex is the best way to go.

Low Entry Barrier

Superior Liquidity

24/7 Trading Opportunities

High Leverage

Excellent Transparency

When you trade in the Forex Market, you will be participating in a financial market where over $5 trillion is exchanged every day and which spans multiple time zones. From London and New York to Tokyo and Sydney, the market guarantees favourable circumstances to trade at any convenient time.

As a result, it is ever moving and the opportunities are ever-present. So, what is still holding your back from participating in this exciting financial market? Fear of losing? Or cluelessness about where and how to start? Worry no more. We have got the perfect solutions for you!

Our team of professionals use a combination of technical analysis methods to provide accurate Forex signals with precise entry points, stop loss, and take profit levels, while also supporting your journey towards becoming an independent trader on your own merit.

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What We Offer

Our reliable signal service provides

Follow our live signals and copy them manually to your trading platform by opening a buy/sell position based on the signal’s instruction. In addition, you must set both stop loss (SL) and take profit (TP) points exactly as outlined in the trading signal to ensure you are protecting your loss and maximizing your profits.

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Entry Point

When is the right time to take that trade? Save yourself the headache. Our reliable signal service finds out on your behalf and lets you know.

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Stop Loss

When it is raining or appears it will, do not leave your umbrella at home. Our well-planned stop-loss recommendations that accompany every trading signal help you to always protect yourself.

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Take Profit

Not closing trades at the right time when trends are losing steam hurts. But uncaptured profits hurt even more. Our Take Profits provide you with the best of both worlds. With them, we offer a perfect exit strategy that will help you capture as many pips as possible.

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Oh, our beautiful charts. Expert technical analysis is impossible without them. Our lead traders and analysts have immense experience and expertise reading charts, identifying patterns on them, and the optimal times to call the shots. So, you win.

How Our Forex Signals Work

What to Do

Learn How Our Forex Signals Work

To use our Forex signals the right way, you have to first learn how they work. To this effect, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide via email. With it, you will be able to ready yourself for our signals and know what exactly to do with them when they come.

Follow Our Trading Signals

Next, we deliver our signals via Email, WhatsApp, or Telegram. Which of the three channels is best? You choose. Immediately you get them, you should enter our recommended entry, stop loss, and take profit prices. Then, have a ride!

Why Join Technical Trading Analysis?

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Expert Research

There cannot be any trading success if there is no analysis success. And that is why at Technical Trading Signals, it is always our aim to first thoroughly and successfully analyse the Forex Market. We do that with the almighty tool that we believe in, technical analysis, which enables us to approach the market in an incredibly effective way. Thus, when you subscribe to our Forex signals, you will be subscribing for products of rigorous research and analyses.

Consistent Profitability

Users of our Forex signals record consistent profitability. So, why would you ever deny yourself of them? Come and let us help you guarantee your Forex trading success with them, too. Are you aggressive? We have some winning signals based on low risk/reward ratios. Or maybe you use a conservative strategy to approach the market? We have signals with high risk/reward ratios, too. So, it does not matter your trading goal or style; we have got custom Forex signals tailored to your needs.
Daily Forex Signals

Verified Performance

Talks are cheap. So, our tip: always ask for the walk. You should apply this tip to every claim you are told, including anyself-acclaimed high-performing signal service you want to subscribe to before you ever start to roll. The good news: with us, there can never be a toll. The Forex signals we offer are reliable and our communication is efficient. Little wonder they are growing in popularity. Our ever-increasing list of subscribers is a ready testament to that. If we are not doing something right, how come we are getting popular with more and more traders by the day?

Strong Support

We know that customer support is an integral aspect of any service. From our different observations also, we have realized that most signal peddlers in the industry thoroughly suck at that despite how important it is. As a result, we do not just give you the best forex trading signals; we also support you along the way - from receipt to execution! Once you subscribe to our premium service, we also become the biggest partner along your journey towards becoming an independent trader.

Live / Daily Signals

Live/Daily trading signals are basically trading signals that are provided as trading opportunities start developing in the market. Most of live and daily forex signals are considered to be more suitable for intra-day trading.