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If you have been looking for ways to profit from the fluctuations in the exchange rates of the British Pound against the United States Dollar, then the GBP/USD is the Forex currency pair to trade. The exchange rate of the pair indicates how many US Dollars will buy one British Pound. Being a major currency pair, GBP/USD is one of the oldest and most widely traded currency pairs in the Forex market.

GBP/USD is one of the oldest and most liquid currency pairs.

Because of its high frequency of trading and liquidity, it is also susceptible to high volatility.

GBP/USD provides great opportunities for medium and long-term traders.

The pair attracts tight bid-ask spreads, resulting in lower trading costs.

GBP/USD is the pair to trade if you are interested in medium to long-term market moves, making it one of the most conservative pairs. That is why it is especially popular with long-term forex traders who are looking for high-probability tradable opportunities.

However, the pair is also volatile enough for short-term forex traders. Over 30% of the trading volume in the forex market is routed through London. As a result, all GBP pairs, the GBP/USD inclusive, can move very fast. So, active, short-term traders can benefit from its trading, too.

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The GBP/USD pair has abundant resources for obtaining market information. We scrutinize all data to identify the following for our subscribers:

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Entry Point

At Technical Trading Signals, we are a team of well-versed technical analysts. We analyse charts to identify critical zones such as support, resistance as well as various candlestick and Chart patterns. We also use indicators and other technical tools to identify optimum market entry levels.

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Stop Loss

For every trade you take, you should set a firm stop loss. Even though the GBP/USD traditionally has a low drawdown and a high win ratio, we encourage the use of stop loss in our signals as a controlled, effective risk and money management tactic.

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Take Profit

The Take Profit (TP) is a strategy to achieve a healthy risk-reward ratio, which is ideal for virtually every kind of trader, whether conservative or aggressive. Do you desire a high risk-reward ratio? We have you covered. Even if it is a low one, with us you will get a fit, too. And in the end, what matters is that you will get the pips.

What to do

What to Do

So, what do we expect you to do? Just two things. Understand and deploy. And both can be done in two steps:

Learn How Our GBP/USD Trading Signals Work

Our GBP/USD Trading Signals are simple to understand and easy to use. However, we have realized that they might not be straightforward enough for some new traders to use. In light of that, we have prepared a detailed guide in the form of an email to help our subscribers understand how they work.

Follow Our GBP/USD Trading Signals

You should follow our signals as directed. It should always be your goal to enter the market only at our recommended levels, set a stop loss, and take profit according to our trading signal. Also, you should receive those signals only via the channel — Email, Telegram, or WhatsApp — that is most accessible to you.

Four Reasons to Subscribe for Our GBP/USD Trading Signals

When you subscribe for our GBP/USD Trading Signals, you will get benefits that you can’t find anywhere else. This is what we do and we are good at it.


Intensive Research

GBP/USD is a heavily traded pair. Also, being a pair of the currencies of two of the world's largest economies, it has abundant information and data available on it. Thanks to that, we are always able to detect opportunities by looking at the charts and their patterns. Hence, if you start trading the pair with our signals today, we have enough market information and expertise to guide you along the way.


The majors are susceptible to high volatility. GBP/USD pair especially can be so volatile that its next market moves get unpredictable. However, with us, that is not a problem. We do not just suggest the price at which our subscribers should enter their GBP/USD trades; we also tell them how they can safeguard them. Our aim is to help you win the pips while also keeping you safe!


GBP/USD, being a major, is one of the most frequently traded currency pairs. In fact, it is the third most traded, accounting for around 14% of the total daily trading volume. As a result, it is highly liquid, thereby creating around-the-clock opportunities for its traders. With our GBP/USD Trading Signals, you can start diversifying your trading portfolio with this dynamic pair straight away.


At Technical Trading Signals, we are committed to our customers' success. It is our joy to see you win in the market, grow your account, and become an independent forex trader in your own right. To this end, we have developed a standard support system that will handle every of your complaints and help you along this path that you have taken for yourself.