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If you are looking for a Forex currency pair that will enable you to profit from fluctuations in the United States Dollar (USD) and the Japanese Yen (JPY), then USD/JPY the right currency pair to trade. USDJPY, being extremely liquid, has legendarily helped many Forex traders to have multiple opportunities to cash from. Many Forex traders prefer it to other currency pairs as it is fairly more predictable than almost each of its peers. So, it has become adopted as the pair of choice for diversifying both Forex trading and Forex investing portfolios a like.

USDJPY is highly valued in the market. So, it attracts huge activity.

The fact that it is one of the most widely traded pairs makes it highly liquid.

It is supported by virtually every broker. Also, its associated trading costs are low.

USDJPY can provide diversification advantages.

Arguably, USD/JPY is the next most liquid Forex pair after EUR/USD. Hence, patterns always surface on it in the market from time to time, a feature that makes it considerably easy to identify abundant tradable opportunities. So, if you are looking for a pair that offers a relatively stress-free trading experience, you should start trading USD/JPY.

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What We Offer

Every Forex trader has three main problems: identifying when to enter and exit their trades and how to manage market risks. These challenges are what we seek to solve. So, with our USD/JPY Trading Signals, you will get the following:

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Entry Point

“The market is totally unpredictable.” “I cannot seem to know when to enter it, when to place my trades.” These two complaints, in only slightly different forms, are commonplace among Forex traders, most especially those who are just starting out. At Technical Trading Signals, we, however, believe those questions should be the least challenging of all. So, when you subscribe to our USD/JPY Trading Signals, you will always get prices at which it will be optimum for you to enter the market.

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Stop Loss

There have been many research works on why so many Forex traders lose their funds in a short period of time and the majority of them seem to unanimously agree on one thing. Most Forex traders lose because they do not cut their losses short. In fact, many of them actually have more winning trades than losses. Unfortunately, they earn very little on their profitable trades, while they lose very big on their losing ones. This is why we include each of our trading signals with a stop-loss. Our stop-loss orders will help you to limit draw downs. So, ma sure to follow them closely.

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Take Profit

When do you take your profits and exit the market? At what prices should you take your gains on your USD/JPY trades? Finding the answer to these questions can be confusing. But with our signals, it will not be. Based on quality technical analysis, we always have profit targets on each of our recommended trades and we always explicitly state the prices at which they should be exited so that our subscribers can keep as much of their profits as they can. Can it ever get better than that?

What to Do

So, what should you do with our USD/JPY Trading Signals once you get them? There are two things. And they are outlined in the following steps:

Learn How Our USD/JPY Trading Signals Work

It is important that you understand our USD/JPY Trading Signals before you use them. Although they are carefully formulated and efficiently communicated, we understand that you might still not have an easy ride using them especially if you are a beginner. So, we recommend you go through the step-by-step guide that will be sent to your email for you to learn how they work.

Follow Our USD/JPY Trading Signals

Instructions are most effective when dutifully followed. Once you are done studying the guide, you can start putting them into use. We make sure the whole process is easy for you by delivering the signals only via the means you prefer — WhatsApp, Telegram, or Email. You choose, we send.

Four Reasons to Subscribe for Our USD/JPY Trading Signals

We need to convince ourselves that we are actually getting value for whatever we buy. So, why should you subscribe for our USD/JPY Trading Signals?


Adequate Research

The trading of any currency pair should never be initiated without adequate research. At Technical Trading Signals, we excel quite well at this. We have assembled a team of expert technical analysts who are working around the clock to discover potential profitable opportunities in the USD/JPY pair. So, our USD/JPY Trading Signals are motivated by genuine concerns, hinged on adequate research, and properly disseminated for the benefits of traders that subscribe to them.

High Liquidity

The American and Japanese economies are closely linked, being two of the largest in the world. Their currencies are extremely important, too. As a result, USD/JPY combines two major, widely prominent currencies. Little wonder that it is so frequently traded and so highly liquid. What asset can be better to trade? When you subscribe for our USD/JPY Trading Signals, you will be able to improve your trading experience and knowledge in the Forex market.

Fair Predictability

Over 40% of the Japanese economy is accounted for by exports. As a result, Japan is really concerned with maintaining Yen at a relative weak level so that the international competitiveness of its exporting companies can be preserved. The fairly predictable nature of the pair has helped us to develop a sound system that makes sure that our USD/JPY Trading Signals have a high winning rate.

Full Technical Support

We always do our best to fully support or subscribers. Our signal service, being customer-centric, ensures that you get all the support you need to grow into an independent trader yourself.